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A Special Edition Language App for Young Learners.
Available for a limited time only.


Prosper’s flagship young learners product is marketed under the brand RoyalABC. RoyalABC gives every student an incredible beginning in life with its premium education ecosystem of British English, 21st century skills and growth mindset.

This world-class programme is delivered to young learners in their local classroom and at home.  In the classroom, teachers use the lesson planning tools and content to deliver highly engaging blended learning lessons.  At home children continue the learning through the RoyalABC World App.  RoyalABC supports all this through it’s highly accredited teacher training programme, to ensure teachers gives students the very best international education, preparing them for primary school and for life.

RoyalABC in the Classroom

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RoyalABC World at Home

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“Bruce’s confidence speaking English has really improved since he began using the RoyalABC lessons. He loves the songs, and watches them over and over, then shows us his dancing and the new words he learned in class.”

Pearl and Bruce Liu, Aged 4

“Having a great selection of non-digital activities was really important to us for Li, as we don’t want him to be on a screen very much. The RoyalABC programme has a balanced approach to learning, and importantly gives us control over the time Li spends on the iPad with RoyalABC World. Introducing growth mindset language into our parenting has been really helpful, and we feel that now we are giving Li a better foundation to be a happy well-rounded child as well as being fluent in English.”

Laurence, Dandan and Li Wang, age 6

“We wanted to give Candy a head start learning English to help her to complete the Cambridge English exams when she gets to school. Knowing RoyalABC has been created with a curriculum that leads to Cambridge English Young Learners really influenced our decision to enrol her in the programme to give her a head start. She really loves the animal teachers in the storybooks. Milton the Mole’s whiskers reminds her of Grandpa and they love reading the storybooks together.”

Jenna, Fuhua and Candy Chen, age 5


RoyalABC in the Classroom

RoyalABC classroom lessons are highly interactive blended learning lessons delivered by teachers comprehensively trained in the RoyalABC curriculum. Using a combination of our intuitive digital platform for interactive songs and story books and classroom-based teaching including art and crafts, games and language learning activities, each unit of RoyalABC is pedagogically sound and specifically designed for the young learner.

To prepare for teaching a class using RoyalABC, teachers simply select a pre-built lesson plan, or quickly and easily create their own lessons in under a minute based on the RoyalABC curriculum to design their own classes. RoyalABC is the first blended learning programme to integrate growth mindset and 21st century skills into ELT curriculum and teacher training, enabling a new standard of education for children globally.

The RoyalABC programme offers teachers and students:

  • Over 100 lesson plans designed by young learner experts
  • Over 500 ‘DIY’ lesson plans
  • Over 200 hours of interactive content including digital storybooks and original songs
  • Over three years of classroom lessons

Growth Mindset

RoyalABC is the first blended learning programme to integrate growth mindset and 21st century skills into ELT curriculum, teacher training and technology design, enabling a new standard of education for children globally.

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RoyalABC World at Home

RoyalABC World is a magical 3D immersive learning APP where the pedagogy and rigour of the RoyalABC curriculum is built into challenge-based play.

Continue the learning journey from the classroom to home, while reinforcing the language lessons of the day with interactive songs and storybooks, games and activities. Children can play alone in RoyalABC World or play with parents and siblings to demonstrate their new language skills and growth mindsets.

At the push of a button parents control the time their children spend online. When students transition from being in the classroom being guided by a teacher, to being able to pursue their curiosity and explore language learning activities in RoyalABC, there is a reinforcing of the neural pathways for language acquisition. The RoyalABC animal teachers from our original songs and storybooks all play roles within RoyalABC World, supporting students’ learning journey online and offline.

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