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Prosper is a global education provider of ELT. Our manifesto is simple:

We believe every child has the right to keep growing, learning and becoming better each and every day.
We believe each individual has unknowable potential.
We believe in equality and universal access to education for all.
We believe the current education system does not meet the needs of the 21st century child.
We believe in the power of a growth mindset and Positive Education.
We believe in harnessing the power and wisdom of the best scientists and researchers.
We believe in having a passion and drive in everything we do.

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Meet the Sydney Team

Arvin Gunawan

Brad Gentle
Sound Engineer

Caroline Thornton
Head of Learning and Publishing

Daniel Khoury
Product Manager

David Hill
Education Advisor

Dominic Lau
3D Artist

Elisa Tamagnoli
2D Artist

Gavin Kusters
Game Developer

Genevieve Gilmore

Jason Chao
3D Animator

Jessica Watson
Educational Content Writer

Lina Ma

Lisa Sharman
Instructional Designer

Martin Beeche
Group CEO and    Co-founder

Nicholas Johnson
Infrastructure Development Lead

Nicola Herringer
Director of Teaching and Learning

Olivia Liew
Quality Assurance

Peter Cheng
Junior Audio Production Assistant

Plus Pingya
Senior Programmer

Qiangpan Chen
Head of Creative

Rena Liu
Quality Assurance

Roman Ibarra
Senior Graphic Designer

Salih Danaci
Senior Programmer

Sheng Xu
3D Artist/Animator

Steven Zhu
UX/UI designer

Stuart Leslie
Technical Lead

Thomas Brown
Senior Software Engineer

Wing Yip
Head of Special Projects

Meet the Shanghai Team

Andy Wu
Sales Manager

Anny Ren
Office Admin

Barbara Liu
Customer Experience Specialist

Cassandra Xiao
Finance Manager

Cathy Fu
Marketing Manager

Celia Zou
Customer Experience Manager

Daisy Lu
Senior Trainer

Danny Lu
Training Specialist

David Lv
Trainer Manager

Devin Qian
Vice President of Sales

Gloria Yin
Marketing Executive

Julia Yang
HR Director

Kanson Hang
Sales Director

Luka Zhou
Sales Manager

Mark Ma
Senior Sales

Mary Kong
Customer Experience Specialist

Michael Chen
Senior Trainer

Moses Xiao
Senior Sales

Richard Zhao
Academic Director

Stefanie Sun
Marketing Manager

Prosper has huge ambitions to improve children’s lives around the world through education, and we’d love you to be part of realising that goal. If you think your career will Prosper with us then get in touch.

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Martin Beeche
Prosper CEO and Co-Founder

Martin Beeche is an entrepreneur seeking to improve the way children access and experience education around the world. He was born and raised in New Zealand and went on to have a successful global career in investment banking for 14 years, where he built a number of businesses within Credit Suisse. He worked in their Sydney and Wellington offices and then as a managing director in London. Since leaving Credit Suisse in 2006, Martin has invested in early stage businesses, and advised on strategy, growth and raising capital for SMEs. In 2010, Martin became a managing director with Nomura where he helped expand their business in Europe. He spent 2012 at London Business School on the MSc Sloan Fellowship programme in Leadership and Strategy, where he graduated with Distinction (the highest honours).

In 2014, Martin co-founded Prosper with the belief that all children have the right to an education that is academically rigorous yet very supportive and fun and develops critical 21st century skills. Combining the best thinking and proven research in neuroscience and behavioural science with word-leading game designers and educators, he has led the creation of RoyalABC, a world-class British English ELT and 21st century skills programme for early learners, including RoyalABC World, an engaging virtual 3D language learning world. RoyalABC is the first platform to deliver the resilience-building ideology of growth mindset into China. Martin is one of the founding board members of EduGrowth, a national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting the international education sector in Australia.

Dominic Richards
Prosper Co-Founder and Chair

Dominic Richards is a community-focused place-maker who believes entrepreneurship should be a force for improving the quality of people’s lives. Dominic was raised in Australia and England and educated at the University of Cambridge and the Prince of Wales’ Institute of Architecture.

Motivated to better equip our next generation to embrace the opportunities of the future, Dominic sought to create a stimulating learning environment through leveraging cutting-edge technology platforms with time-honoured educational foundations. He is realising this pursuit as the Chairman and co-founder of Prosper Education Pty Ltd, a Chinese digital education initiative based in Sydney, Beijing and London.

Dominic is also the Founder and Chief Executive of Our Place, a visionary architect development firm, currently regenerating urban sites in East London and Norwich as well as creating a new settlement for 10,000 people in the South of England. Our Place builds vibrant communities through creative and innovative design with a focus on true community-focused consultation. The enterprise’s mission is to create the perfect home, school or workplace in healthy, walkable new places with sustainable thinking and legacy at its very heart. Dominic has been inspired by the work of HRH The Prince of Wales and has gained a deep understanding of the impact of the built environment on the quality of life of those living and working within it. Dominic has served as Vice Chairman and Director of The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community and is proud to serve as a Trustee of the Prince’s Trust Australia.

David Brownlow
Prosper Investor, Board Member and Adviser

David Brownlow is the Chairman and Founder of The Havisham Group, a diverse trading and investment entity, and the founder of Huntswood, a specialist resourcing and consultancy firm focused on governance, risk and compliance in the areas of regulatory conduct and financial crime. Alongside his commercial endeavors, David spends a significant amount of time on charitable and philanthropic activities, which include his Charitable Foundation providing support where there is evidence of disadvantage.

In addition, David is working with HRH The Prince of Wales to support Him in two areas: His Foundation for Building Community – where HRH made David a Trustee in 2013, and its Chairman in early 2014 – and also His work at Dumfries House where HRH has also made David a Trustee. For some years David has been a Patron of The Prince of Wales Hospice in Pontefract, a Patron of the National Osteoporosis Society, a Patron of The Landmark Trust and a Patron of the NSPCC.

Ben Rawson
Prosper Investor and Adviser

Ben is the Commercial Director of The Havisham Group and a Non-Executive Director of Huntswood, and works alongside David Brownlow on all of David’s commercial endeavours. This has led Ben into a range of business and philanthropic initiatives, including his contribution as an investor in and adviser to Prosper. Ben graduated from Bristol Business School with an Honours degree in International Business Studies with Spanish, having spent one year at Granada University. Ben speaks fluent Spanish and English and is passionate about the global business opportunities for children who are multilingual and trained in 21st century skills.

Baroness Jenkin
Prosper Adviser

Baroness Anne Jenkin has a background working in politics, political campaigns and the charitable sector. She was created Conservative Member of the House of Lords in January 2011 for her political and charity work. With Theresa May, she founded and now chairs Women2Win – the successful campaign to get more women elected to Parliament – and chairs the Conservative Friends of International Development (CFID). Lady Jenkin is on the board of UNICEF UK and is a Patron of Restless Development as well as being actively involved with a number of other charities. She was a co-founder of Chartwell Worldwide Speakers Bureau and sits on the board of Eastern Data Group.

Bradden Wondra
Prosper Adviser

Bradden Wondra has a passion for learning and growing which has fuelled a life and career journey across 5 continents. He thrives on the diversity of cultures and ideas he’s experienced while focussing his career on digital and technology transformation. Bradden lives in Hong Kong along with his wife and 2 boys aged 9 & 11. He’s currently Head of Technology Initiatives at JP Morgan Asia-Pacific, and previously led Global Product Technology at Pearson plc. Bradden was the CTO Enterprise Services at HP Asia-Pacific; and, has extensive operating experience in China where he’s created and led digital teams for Kodak while living in Beijing. He co-founded Silverwire which was a leader in digital imaging and was acquired by HP. Bradden has been on the Board of the UK registered charity New Life Mexico and currently advises Give Asia, an online fundraising platform. Scuba, ski and enjoying the outdoors balance out his life.


Prosper is committed to an ethos of corporate social responsibility, and investing back into the people, place and community that supports our business growth. We believe that all companies have the capacity to give, and in turn can significantly impact social and economic growth.

We are proudly partners to Pledge 1%  and fully support their corporate philanthropy ethos to unite companies globally in giving. As an education company, Prosper collaborates with kindergartens and learning centres in low socio economic areas by providing them with our product, teacher training and at-home learning APP free of charge.

To partner with us in helping to improve bilingual and 21st century skills literacy, get in touch.